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Thank you for your interest in Ryder Farm Cottage Industries’ CSA program! We’ve been honored and delighted to offer this wonderful program since 1998. It has been a vital part of our community engagement in Putnam County and an agent for fostering lasting friendships and creative growth. We hope you will join!

 Our membership roster caps out at about 100, with previous members getting priority placement, so we always encourage early sign-ups.





What is a CSA?

  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is one way to show local farms you value their service and love their product. By investing in your local farm with pre-payment for a portion of its yield, you share some of the risk but also help ensure your farm will make it through till the end of the harvesting season. In return, of course, you reap the freshest vegetables, herbs and flowers from a farm you know and trust.


How does a CSA work?

  • While every farm runs its CSA differently, some basic threads run throughout them all.


  • Each week a bag of produce will be prepared for you and made available at a designated pick-up location.


  • What is in a bag depends on the yield for that week, which is further dependent upon a number of factors, such as the season, unexpected weather conditions, possible pests, etc.


  • By signing up in advance and paying in advance, you ensure consistent planning and preparation of your harvest because your upfront capital investment provides support to launch the season when inputs are high and returns are yet to come.


How does Ryder’s CSA work?

  • There is no labor commitment at Ryder—just drive up at your convenience to pick up your share….driveby CSA-ing!


  • At Ryder, you can request a full share @ $450 ($28/week) or a half share @ $300 ($18.75/week).


  • You can also order a bag for every other week @ $225 (full shares only).


  • The CSA season lasts 16 weeks to ensure you tap into the best part of our harvest. We’ll send an email in advance to let you know the kick off week of the CSA season, which will be in June and end in early October.


  • We share the bounty, so you will occasionally find, for example, tomato ‘seconds’ or day-old bouquets from our garden, as a bonus, to say thank you for your support.


  • Picking up your bag of produce is easy: Drive to Ryder Farm and follow the signs that lead you to the CSA cooler. Your share of organically grown and freshly harvested vegetables and herbs will be ready and waiting for your pick-up from Wednesday, 12 noon, till the following week Tuesday. Come anytime of day. Place a checkmark next to your name on the posted list when you have picked up your order. Take a walk and peruse the fields, if you have the time—our farm is your farm!


Is there any way to know what I can expect in my CSA bag?

  • We have a list of what appeared in the CSA bounty in 2012 to give you a sense of the full range of our delicious harvest. You can compare it to everything that was planted. Click here to see the list.


  • Each week, you will also be sent an email telling you what is in your bag.


What if I don’t want to participate in a CSA but am interested in your farm?

  • We would still love to see you! There are a number of ways you can enjoy the Certified Organic bounty of Ryder.


  • We participate in two vibrant farmers markets where you can purchase bouquets, herbs and vegetables. These are great opportunities to ask questions, make suggestions and meet the good people who work with us for the season, often on an internship basis.
    • Brewster Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays
    • Union Square Greenmarket (NYC) on Saturdays


  • We also have a charming Roadside Farmstand at 400 Starr Ridge Road. Drive right up and choose what you want. We sell what we have in abundance and use the honor system for payment because we expect our patrons will be honest.

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